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  • Weather resistance bridge steel

    Steel Plate

    Weather resistance bridge steel

    Bridge steel is specially used for building railway or highway Bridges. Nangang bridge steel with industry innovation pace, focusing on the development direction of green, low carbon, increasing investment in bridge steel, in a new generation of high performance bridge steel research and development and application, product rapid gear upgrades, has now formed Q 345 Q-Q500q, weather resistance (including no coating) bridge steel series (including weather connection, welding steel), Bridges with stainless steel rolling composite plate and other whole series, full specifications, many categories of batch supply capacity. Nangang bridge and steel application projects include Hutong Bridge, Pingtan Strait Bridge, New Bay Bridge in San Francisco, Zangmu Bridge Project, Meishan Railway Special Project, Lianzhen Railway Wushan Yangtze River Highway and Railway Bridge Project, Hangzhou-Shao-Tai Railway Jiaojiang Bridge, etc.

    The steel plate for bridge structure can be produced and delivered according to the relevant standards and technical requirements of GB / T714, ASTM A709, JIS G3106, TB10002.2; with hot rolling / control rolling, ignition rolling, ignition rolling, quality adjustment, TMCP / TMCP + tempering. The maximum single weight can reach 4 tons. The product has good mechanical performance and welding performance, which can meet the construction of highway bridge, railway bridge and railway bridge, especially suitable for large-span high-grade bridge engineering application.

      product information

      Q345qD、Q370qD、Q370qE、A709Gr50 4-150*1500-4700*L GB/T 714 ASTM A709
      Q420qD、Q420qE、Q500qE 4-100*1500-4700*L GB/T 714
      Q345qNH~Q460qNH 6~80*1500-4700*L GB/T 714
      A709HPS70W 6~80*1500-4700*L ASTM A709/A709M

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