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  • 430 cold rolled stainless steel sheet


    430 cold rolled stainless steel sheet

    the most widely used ferric body stainless steel, contains high chromium, has good corrosion resistance, most of its properties are similar to 304. And according to the user's different demand for physical quality, in the 430 production process management, process differentiation and other aspects of special quality design, 430 is divided into 430M (frosted material), 430D (deep flushing material), 430F (high-grade panel materials), 430 (ordinary materials), greatly meet the requirements of different levels of users.



      BAR  Φ8~250
      Hot rolling, annealing, polishing, car light, shot blasting, hot rolling ball back, hot rolling soft back, ball annealing Aircraft engine blades, casing, fasteners, combustion chamber, plate, shaft, outer wall of the combustion chamber, liquid oxygen and kerosene engine, bomb body, steam bottle, propulsion device, etc. Widely used in aerospace, aviation, atomic energy, nuclear energy, petroleum, chemical industry, Marine development, etc.  GB、Enterprise standard
      Hot rolling, annealing, hot rolling + pickling, hot rolling ball back, hot rolling soft back, ball annealing GB、Enterprise standard
      WIRE Φ4.5~25 Hot rolling, annealing, pickling in solid solution, offline solid solution It is widely used in the production of stainless steel fasteners, stainless wire, wire (core), reextension line, tableware, cleaning ball, medical equipment, gas valve, etc. Q/LD19-2004
      Steel Grade  Similar to other Foreign Steel Grade
      USA, ASTM Japan, JIS Germany, DIN

      Y1Cr18Ni9、0Cr19Ni9、0Cr18Ni9Cu3、0Cr18Ni9、00Cr19Ni10、0Cr19Ni9N、0Cr23Ni13、0Cr25Ni20、0Cr17Ni12Mo2、0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti、00Cr17Ni14Mo2、0Cr17Ni14Mo2N、1Cr18Ni9Ti、1Cr18Ni12、0Cr19Ni13Mo3、00Cr19Ni13Mo3、H0Cr17Ni12Mo2、H1Cr24Nii13、H1Cr21Ni10、1Cr18Ni9、1Cr17Nn6Ni5N、1Cr18MnNi5N、0Cr18Ni12MoCu2、5Cr21Mn9Ni4N、0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb、0Cr17Ni7Al、1Cr17、1Cr17Mo、0Cr13、0Cr11Nb、Y1Cr17、1Cr13、1Cr13Mo、Y1Cr13、2Cr13、3Cr13、4Cr13、5Cr13、3Cr13Mo、4Cr17Mo、Y3Cr13、1Cr17Ni2、1Cr11Ni2W2MoV、4Cr9Si2、4Cr10Si2Mo、H1Cr13、6Cr13Mo、9Cr18、9Cr18Mo 303、304、304HC、302HQA、304H、304M、304M4、304S、304L、304N、304MN、309S、310S、316、316L、316N、321、305、317、317L、ER316、AWS、ER308、AWS、ER308、AWS、302、201、202、EV8、AISI、630、631、430、434、410S、430F、410、416、420、420、420F、431、HNV3、SAE、ER410、AWS、440C SUS303、SUS304、SUS304J3、XM-7、SUS304L、SUS309S、SUS310S、SUS316、SUS316L、SUS316L、SUS321、SUS305、SUS317、SUS317L、SUSY316、SUSY309、SUSY308、SUS302、SUS201、SUS202、SUS316J1、SUH35、SUS630、SUS631、SUS430、SUS434、SUS410S、SUS430F、SUS410、SUS410J1、SUS416、SUS420J1、SUS420J2、SUS420J2、SUS420F、SUS431SUH1、SUH3、SUSY410、SUS440C X12CrNiS18 8、X5CrNiS18 9、X2CrNi18 9、X5CrNiMo18 10、X10CrNiMoTi18 10、X8Cr14、X2CrNiMo18 10、X10CrNiTi18 9、X5CrNi19 11、X2CrNiMo18 16、X5CrNiMo19 11、X12CrMi22 12、X12CrNi18 8、X53CrMnNiN21-9、X7CrNiAl17 7、X8Cr17、X7Cr13、X6CrMo17、X12CrMoS17、X10Cr13、X15Cr13、X12Cr13、X20Cr13、X30Cr13、X40Cr13、X46Cr13、X22CrNi17、45CrSi93、X40CrSiMo10 2、X55CrMo14、X105CrMo17


      Product use:the typical 430 is often used as a 304 alternative material, widely used in washing machine drum, indoor panel, kitchen facilities, refrigerator, dishwasher, pot, pot, microwave oven, display counter and other products.

      Product name:10 Cr 17 (0-1 Cr 17), 430, SUS430,1.4016,430D (deep flushing materials), 430M (frosted materials), 430F (materials for high-grade panels), etc.
      Product specification:thickness of 0.3~3.0mm.

      Product features:magnetic, low thermal expansion rate, high temperature oxidation resistance, high thermal conductivity, good creep resistance, processing hardening tendency and easy to cut and process, deformation recovery tendency is smaller than austenitic stainless steel, higher yield strength, no stress corrosion fracture tendency, low cost and other characteristics.
      Product performance:weld has good processing performance, excellent deep flushing performance (LDR value higher than austenitic stainless steel), excellent rust resistance, strong chloride resistance SCC performance;
      Product market dynamics:it has been accepted by high-end customers at home and abroad, and is widely used in well-known enterprises at home and abroad. The product has a broad market prospect.
      Application pictures of product key areas:


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