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    Supply Chain Solving


    (I) Real-Time Data Information Service

    • ● Through a steel e-commerce platform that provides real-time transaction data, SINO TRUSTED SCM leverages the advantages of big data on the internet to launch "SCM Data," providing users with real-time transaction information for more than 40 cities nationwide, over 9,000 mainstream varieties, and steel mills on the platform.
    • ● By combining multi-dimensional data such as weather prices, fluctuations, and transactions, it automatically generates analysis content to help customers quickly and economically choose the products they need.
    • ● It also links downstream steel processing enterprises according to customer processing needs, forming the best solution and achieving a low-cost, high-efficiency service model.
    • ● It realizes the intelligent application of industrial big data, assisting customers in scientifically analyzing and deciding on sales strategies and channel management, and fully utilizing big data to promote industrial upgrading.

    (II) Secure And Visible Transaction Settlement Service

    • ● SINO TRUSTED SCM provides a one-stop standardized transaction settlement service for users upstream and downstream of the steel industry, from listing by sellers to ordering by buyers, to on-site auditing, contract generation, payment settlement, buyer pickup, secondary settlement, and invoicing.
    • ● Standardized and convenient transaction settlement services break through the pain points and difficulties in the steel industry such as information isolation, regional restrictions, and channel monopolies.
    • ● The platform mines buyer and seller needs to achieve accurate matching, significantly reducing circulation levels, and visualizing data processes.
    • ● Capital providers achieve precise risk control, improving the overall operational efficiency of the industry.

    (III) Supply Chain Product Services

    • ● Closely Integrated with Financial Services While consolidating transaction processes and improving transaction efficiency, SINO TRUSTED SCM delves into customer pain points and leverages technological means, integration capabilities, and risk control capabilities to embed supply chain services into different transaction scenarios, creating series of scenario-based supply chain service products such as "efficient procurement" and "order financing."
    • ● At the same time, it connects with banks and other financial institutions to open up communication channels between customers and banks.
    • ● Through the platform, it links banking institutions with industrial customers, effectively connecting bank funds with industrial needs, and solving the two major problems of industrial users: capital and goods.

    (IV) Intelligent Warehousing And Processing Services

    • ● SINO TRUSTED SCM strategically collaborates with third-party warehousing platforms such as the Internet of Things, relying on cloud warehousing and IoT application technologies, facing more than 100 warehousing companies and more than 300 processing plants for bulk commodities, and carrying out resource integration of goods to optimize the structure of goods resources.
    • ● It links warehouse networks with transaction networks, information networks, and logistics networks, featuring intelligence, convenience, safety, and efficiency.
    • ● It realizes networked warehousing supervision and intelligent warehousing management, and rapid and low-cost production processing.

    (V) Efficient Logistics And Distribution Services

    • ● To improve the efficiency of the entire steel process and make steel transactions more convenient and secure, it uses information technology and big data means to provide steel industry users with national land transportation, water transportation, and multimodal transportation logistics solutions.
    • ● Through system modeling, it conducts unified platform configuration and scientific scheduling for factors such as vehicles, routes, and round trips, providing steel industry upstream and downstream users with high-quality grid-based logistics and distribution services.

    (VI) Building SaaS Software Ecosystem Services

    • ● After many years of deep cultivation in the steel industry, SINO TRUSTED SCM, relying on leading technical advantages, has vigorously built intelligent SaaS software services.
    • ● The series of SaaS aims to promote the information management upgrade of steel industry chain users as the core goal, and currently includes two core products: trade cloud and steel cloud processing.
    • ● It aims to provide steel industry production, trade, processing, and other enterprises with low-cost, professional, and intelligent lightweight enterprise management systems through cloud technology.