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  • High strength boiler container steel

    Steel Plate

    High strength boiler container steel

    The steel used for the boiler container is used for making the pressure vessel. According to the different uses, temperature and corrosion resistance, the container plate material that should be selected is not the same. Since the development of Nangang boiler container plate, continuous research and development, relying on excellent product quality, has been recognized by a large number of users, widely used in large boilers, petroleum refining, coal chemical industry, energy and power and other industries has become the domestic first-class low temperature container manufacturers.

    Main strategic cooperation users have sinopec, petrochina, Shanghai electric group, Harbin electric group, general electric group, China in turbine, cmc, products for manufacturing industry core high-end equipment, oil refining tower, fine chemical tank, mobile pressure vessel, thermal project molten salt tank, power plant boiler drum, polysilicon reduction furnace, etc., so far has supplied more than 2 million tons.

      product information

      Q245R、Q345R 6-200*1500-4700*L GB/T 713
      Q370R、15CrMoR、 14Cr1MoR、12Cr2Mo1R 6-100*1500-4700*L GB/T 713
      Q345R-HERE 6-200*1500-4700*L GB/T 713 or Technical agreement
      SA-516Gr70-HERE 6-200*1500-4700*L ASME SA-516/SA-516M or Technical agreement
      P460、SA612、Q420R 6-30*1500-4700*L EN 10028-3,ASME SA-612,GB/T 713
      16MnDR 6-100*1500-4700*L GB/T 3531
      SA-515Gr60、SA-515Gr65、SA-515Gr70 6-200*1500-4700*L ASME SA-515/SA-515M
      SA-387Gr11/12/22 6-100*1500-4700*L ASME SA-387/SA-387M
      P275NH、P275NL1、P275NL2、P355N、P355NH、P355NL1、P355NL2 6-100*1500-4700*L EN 10028-3
      P355M、P355ML1、P355ML2、P420M、P420ML1、P420ML2、P460M、P460ML1、P460ML2 6-63*1500-4700*L EN 10028-5
      07MnMoVR、07MnNiVDR 10-60*1500-4700*L GB/T 19189
      07MnNiMoDR 10-50*1500-4700*L GB/T 19189

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