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    Utilizing informatization, cloud platforms, and intelligent management systems to address challenges in customer procurement.


    Pain Point 1: Price Volatility: Steel prices fluctuate due to various factors.

    • ● We Can: Our intelligent cloud platform quoting system provides real-time competitive prices, facilitating quick quotes for your decision-making.

    Pain Point 2: Supplier Selection: Choosing the right and capable supplier involves evaluating reputation, reliability, pricing, and product range.

    • ● We Can: Sino Trusted SMC is a metal procurement service designed to simplify this process. We have established long-term relationships with nearly 300 metal suppliers and processors both domestically and internationally. This means we have purchasing power with these suppliers and can provide comprehensive secondary processing services to help secure the best pricing and lead times for you.

    Pain Point 3: Transportation and Logistics: Coordinating shipping and handling of steel can be complex. Reliable carriers and efficient logistics management are essential.

    • ● We Can: Our intelligent warehouse and logistics mini-program is convenient and efficient, arranging for metal materials to be shipped directly from the supplier to you! If you're in a hurry, we'll provide information on nearby warehouses for metal pickup. The freight app ensures on-demand truck availability.

    Pain Point 4: Lead Time and Availability: Limited steel grades and sizes availability can lead to delays. Utilizing the cloud platform for timely online communication and proactive planning helps mitigate this challenge.

    • ● We Can: Sino Trusted relies on a cloud warehouse management system, carrying no physical inventory, and staying informed about warehouse dynamics in real-time. This means we have no limitations on the choices we offer. Multiple varieties can be sourced from a single supplier, eliminating the need to select another supplier for unique requirements—solving all your steel needs in one place.

    Pain Point 5: Communication and Documentation: Clear communication and comprehensive documentation are vital to avoid misunderstandings. Detailed purchase orders and specifications are crucial.

    • ● We Can: Sino Trusted maintains continuous communication with you. Whether through text, email, or phone calls, our intelligent system tracks in real-time, keeping you informed from when we receive your product requirements to when it's on its way.