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    "The Qingdao Special Steel 2100MPa Bridge Cable Galvanized Steel Wire Reel has refreshed the 'Guinness World Record' in the history of bridges."


     "The Qingdao Special Steel 2100MPa Bridge Cable Galvanized Steel Wire Reel has refreshed the 'Guinness World Record' in the history of bridges."

    This statement highlights an achievement in the field of bridge construction, likely involving the use of high-strength steel cables manufactured by Qingdao Special Steel.


    "With the development of bridge industry technology, all bridges with a span of over one kilometer are currently either suspension bridges or cable-stayed bridges. Large-span suspension bridges and cable-stayed bridges are representative modern bridge structures, and the cable system composed of high-strength steel wires is the main load-bearing and force-transmitting structure of suspension bridges and cable-stayed bridges. The main material of these cable structures is bridge cable steel wire. Large-span bridge cables not only endure dynamic and static loads for a long time but also are exposed to environments of wind, rain, humidity, and polluted air for extended periods. They face 'load stress,' 'stress fatigue,' 'metal corrosion,' 'stress corrosion,' 'fatigue corrosion,' and more. Cable structures are prone to stress and corrosion damage and failure, placing extremely high demands on the quality of the steel reels used for bridge cables.

    In 2023, Qingdao Special Steel successfully developed reels for ø7.0mm 2100MPa-grade bridge cable galvanized steel wire for the Chaoma Railway Ma'anshan Highway and Railway Dual-use Yangtze River Bridge. The 2100MPa grade represents the highest strength level in cable-stayed bridges worldwide and is currently being supplied continuously. In September of the same year, the Zhangjinggao Yangtze River Bridge, which had already started construction, set the highest strength 'Guinness World Record' in the history of bridge construction. The sample of 2200MPa grade cable steel reel was successfully developed, marking that Qingdao Special Steel is leading the world in the research and development of ultra-high-strength bridge cable galvanized steel wire reels, transitioning from a follower to a leader in the field of bridge cable steel.

    With stable product quality and increasing engineering applications, Qingdao Special Steel's bridge cable steel products continue to receive honors and awards, winning praise and recognition from customers, and maintaining the top market share globally. From 2018 to the present, Qingdao Special Steel's bridge cable steel has successively won the 'China Iron and Steel Industry Product Development Market Development Award,' 'China Highway Society Science and Technology Special Award,' 'China Engineering Construction Science and Technology Special Award,' 'China Transportation Association Science and Technology Progress First Prize,' and 'Metallurgical Science and Technology Progress Third Prize.' During the research and development process, eight national patents were applied for, three national invention patents were successfully obtained, three utility model patents were obtained, and six academic papers were published.

    'One bridge spans the south and the north, and a sky-high chasm becomes a thoroughfare.' For a mega-engineering project, enormity and intricacy are not its essence; the charm of a mega-engineering project lies in innovative concepts, designs, and the birth of new processes, methods, and materials it inspires. Qingdao Special Steel will continue to explore and innovate. In the future, it will continue to closely serve national strategies, conduct cutting-edge technology research, innovate high-end products, contribute to the development of China's bridge construction, and help Chinese bridges continuously reach new heights in the world."