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  • Substituting Imports: River Steel's Green Low-Carbon Hot Forged Die Steel Leads Domestic Performance

    Industry News

    Substituting Imports: River Steel's Green Low-Carbon Hot Forged Die Steel Leads Domestic Performance


    Recently, afterRiver Steel Group's Zhangxuan Technology launched its green low-carbon hot forged die steel forgings into the Shanghai market, a new batch of additional orders was smoothly delivered. As the only green low-carbon hot forged die steel forging material developed in the special materials industry using DRI (Direct Reduced Iron) products, the product performance and quality control meet the requirements of the agreement, reaching a leading level domestically. Successfully substituting imports, it will be used in the manufacturing of hot forging dies for new energy vehicles.

    Zhangxuan Technology actively implements the concept of ecological priority and green development, fully leveraging the advantages of China's first "Hydrogen-based Shaft Furnace - Near-zero Carbon Electric Arc Furnace" project. It deepens cooperation with multiple high-end direct supply customers, utilizes the low-carbon emission technology of electric arc furnaces and the advantages of the three-link process, strengthens the research and development of green low-carbon products, actively expands the list of green low-carbon special materials, promotes DRI application technology research, clean smelting process optimization, product quality grade upgrading, green energy application, and enhances product added value and green low-carbon value.

    The companyfully leverages the advantages of SBU (Strategic Business Unit) technology marketing, comprehensively links high-end customers and market resources, organizes relevant technical personnel to conduct review and demonstration according to customers' personalized differentiation and cutting-edge technology application requirements, customizes exclusive production process schemes, develops green low-carbon hot forging die steels, and builds a unique green brand advantage and differentiated competitive advantage in the special materials field. After understanding customers' requirements for product toughness, wear resistance, and long service life, technical personnel use the requirements for various element contents in the material as the basis, focusing on the control difficulties of low silicon, low chromium, high molybdenum, and narrow composition. They design exclusive smelting schemes, accurately calculate the DRI product addition ratio, implement staged material charging, optimize slag-making processes, precisely control refining time and temperature, and use the self-developed "three-dimensional directional" upsetting and pulling process to ensure high-quality product production.

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