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  • [New Product] Over 30% Further Carbon Reduction: Ma Steel Launches China's First Low-Carbon Emission H-Beam Product

    Company News

    [New Product] Over 30% Further Carbon Reduction: Ma Steel Launches China's First Low-Carbon Emission H-Beam Product


    On April 25, China's first low-carbon emission H-beam product rolled off the production line at the Ma'anshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (Ma Steel) heavy H-beam production line and was officially launched. Over the past two years, Ma Steel has successively released Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for large, small, and heavy H-beams on China's steel industry EPD platform, being the first in the country to do so. According to calculations by Ma Steel's carbon emission management team, the newly released low-carbon emission H-beam further reduces carbon emissions by more than 30% based on the previously published H-beam EPD carbon footprint.


    In line with the national carbon peak and carbon neutrality strategy, Ma Steel, a state-owned enterprise with China's first H-beam and heavy H-beam production lines, has taken the lead in the green low-carbon manufacturing of structural steel domestically and internationally, fulfilling its social responsibility. Through green manufacturing, Ma Steel meets the evolving market demands of its customers.


    Guided by the principles of comprehensive and systemic carbon reduction, cost reduction, energy-saving, and efficiency improvement, as well as the concept of product ecological design, Ma Steel's R&D and manufacturing team has implemented carbon reduction measures throughout the entire production process. These measures span from ironmaking, steelmaking, and hot rolling to the use of green energy and green transportation. By optimizing the charge structure, applying biomass energy, increasing the ratio of scrap steel in smelting, optimizing process routes, enhancing waste heat and energy recovery and power generation, implementing intelligent combustion control for heating furnaces, using hot delivery of cast blanks, developing secondary combustion oxygen lance smelting technology, and increasing the use of green electricity, Ma Steel has achieved carbon emission reductions throughout the manufacturing process of this product.